Incredibly Fun for Everyone!

Give people of any age a fun prop and watch them use their imaginations to create awesome photos.


Great Fun for Any Event!

The Looking Glass Photo Booth is outstanding for weddings, corporate parties, graduation open houses, proms, retirement parties, or  just anytime people get together.  Guests really enjoy picking out props and posing for their pictures.  Plus they leave your event with a visual reminder of all the fun they had, quite often the best photo they have of themselves in some time.

Even Dogs Have Joined in the Fun!


OpenAir® style photo booths are not enclosed in curtains allowing more people to join in the fun.

Spectators enjoy watching everyone pose.  Our record for number of people in one photo stands at 15, can you beat it?

Looking Glass Photo Booth – Lansing, Michigan

“Incredibly Fun For Everyone – An OpenAir® Design″